The Petaluma Community Band is an all-volunteer, adult concert band based in Sonoma County, California. Members include retirees, college students, and people with a wide range of occupations who all share an interest in playing and bringing music to the community. We are proud to have several music educators among our membership.

    Our goals include promoting the enjoyment of music in our community and helping to revitalize the American tradition of the town band. We play music from a wide range of musical eras, including marches, folk tunes, musicals, jazz and classical adaptations. Our concerts are always free. Donations are gratefully accepted and applied toward the purchase of new music and other musical essentials. Contact director, Arlene Burney at for more information about the band.

    Visit our Facebook page for updates and events.

Spring 2022! The plan is to start on Feb. 28.
We will be required to wear musicians masks while rehearsing.
Doors will be kept open, with 2 portable HEPA filters running.
Stay tuned, and keep practicing!

Petaluma Community Band Facebook page