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Several current and past Petaluma Community Band members are teachers who put an enormous amount of energy into directing school and college music programs.
Let's show our appreciation for teachers and students by supporting their efforts. Check these links for upcoming events and information on how you can be a band booster.

  • Sean Millard: Casa Grande High School bands
  • Roxanne Hopkins: Kenilworth Junior High School music program
  • Sandra Kruse: Petaluma Elementary Schools music program
  • Rebecca Fitch: Sonoma Valley High School and Adele Harrison Middle School music programs
  • Nicholas Hodson: Helen Lehmen Elementary School (Santa Rosa) music program
  • Bryan Williams: Windsor High School music program
  • Dr. Brian S. Wilson: Sonoma State University Department of Music


Several of our band members also teach private music lessons.
These encouraging folks are pros when it comes to helping students scale the learning curve.
  • Melinda Craft: Flute
    Contact: 338-3129 or Melinda Craft's email address
  • Marie Millard: Trombone, and Girls' Jazz Band
    Contact info and more at: Music to My Ears , 664-0123

This new page is still "in progress." Please contact Teresa or if you are a Petaluma Community Band member with a school music group or if you teach private music lessons.

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